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Blue Ridge Mountains Adventure Engagement Photos in Tennessee

Blue Ridge Mountains Adventure Engagement Photos in Tennessee

This beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains adventure engagement session was beyond words! To say that I love this location is an understatement. All of the gorgeous backdrops made this day even more special to Liz and Tom, and myself. Liz and Tom chose this location because it fit into their lifestyle perfectly since they both love to travel all over the world- come see all the beauty for yourself!

Blue Ridge Mountains Adventure Engagement Photos in Tennessee

Perfect Location For A Perfect Couple

Liz and Tom have been together for 10 years so getting engaged was a big deal and they wanted to celebrate this chapter in their journey together accordingly! Over their 10 years together they've travelled to and explored many places, but one place they hadn't been to yet was the mountains of East Tennessee. Originally from Chicago, they saw this as the perfect opportunity to road trip through the mountains and celebrate their engagement. They wanted a session that would showcase their adventurous side and add to the memories they've shared, so we created an experience and epic images! This location was absolutely perfect to showcase their love story!! Don't you think?

Blue Ridge Mountains Adventure Engagement Photos in Tennessee

The Blue Ridge Mountain Experience

I met up with Liz and Tom at the trailhead to the waterfall just as the sun was starting to fall behind the tree line which meant we had timed it perfectly! We hiked down to the base of the waterfall, they changed out of their hiking shoes and into dress shoes, and embraced the warmth of the sun and the cool mist that was blowing off the waterfall.

After we wrapped up at the waterfall, we hiked back out to our cars and ventured further into the mountains following the sun up to the ridge line. It was time for our sunset mountain pictures! We excitedly packed our backpacks again with snacks, water, sweatshirts, and headlamps (as it would inevitably be dark on the hike down) and we started the mile long trek up to the lookout spot. We hurdled over rocks and stumps but eventually made our way up to the top of the mountain just as the sun was beginning to set. We found the perfect little bunch of bushes for Liz and Tom to duck behind and change out of their hiking clothes and into their formal wear. We were able to capture the most beautiful mountain views and then as the clouds rolled in we opted for some more moody shots at the top of the bald.

After we officially lost the sun it was time to strap on the headlamps and hike back down to our cars where we shared some sandwiches and chips and then drove off into the night, all feeling giddy with excited about the adventure we shared and images we captured.

Kind Words

"Madi was amazing! I cant say enough about how obsessed we are with our pictures! She is so personable, responsive, talented, and has an eye for detail. If you are thinking about it just do it, she is the one. 10/10 recommend doing your photos in the mountains with her. Can't wait to use her again."

Tennessee Wedding & Couples Photographer | Madison Paige Photography

Come check out the rest of this beautiful adventure engagement session in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee! You won't regret it!

If you are ready to create magic on the mountains of Tennessee that I am your girl! I would be absolutely honored to be a part of your engagement celebration. Let's make it official, fill out my contact form and then we can get started on planning your day!

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