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Moody Fandom-Themed Engagement Photos With Lightsabers and Wands

Moody Fandom-Themed Engagement Photos With Lightsabers and Wands

Morgan and Garrett were so much fun to photograph! I loved getting to know them as a couple and creating an experience for their engagement photos that were unique to them! Morgan loves all things spooky and moody and they’re planning a “Friday the 13th” themed wedding so that was the theme we went with for their engagement photos. They incorporated lightsabers and wands and made the session as unique to them as possible. It was SO fun! And now, I can’t wait to photograph their Friday the 13th wedding this upcoming year!! Come see more of this moody engagement session in Knoxville, Tennessee below!

Moody Fandom-Themed Engagement Photos With Lightsabers and Wands

Choose Your Wedding Photographer To Be Your Engagement Photographer!

Initially, when talking to Morgan and Garrett about their engagement photos, they were a little nervous (like most couples!) because getting in front of the camera is a really vulnerable experience. But after getting to know them and talking about what their vision is and what they enjoy doing together, we came up with the perfect plan for their engagement photos! We included aspects of each of their personalities and brought some things that they enjoy doing together! Garrett loves building his own lightsabers and Morgan loves Harry Potter and got to go to Harry Potter World for the first time this year! So bringing those props was the perfect way to bring out their personalities and document the things that they enjoy doing together as a couple.

One of my favorite things about including a complimentary engagement session with wedding packages is not only getting to spend more time together before your wedding day, but it’s really about showing off your personalities as couples! This is such a sweet time in your journey and your love story extends beyond just your wedding day so I love getting to capture just a little bit of who you two are before getting married.

Bring Me Along To Your Knoxville, Tennessee Engagement Session Next!

The possibilities are endless and we can do whatever you and your partner desire. If you decide I am the best fit for your wedding day and you want me to be your Knoxville wedding photographer then you also get a complimentary engagement session! What's better than that? I think nothing! So, definitely count me in for BOTH your engagement session and your wedding day. Fill out my contact form and we can start planning all the details!

And if you are looking for other locations to have your engagement session at in Knoxville, TN then check out my Engagement Photo Locations In Knoxville Tennessee blog!

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Come see more of this moody fun engagement session below!


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