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Winter Solstice Elopement in Knoxville, Tennessee

Winter Solstice Elopement in Knoxville, Tennessee

A beautiful winter solstice elopement at Sequoia Hills Park for the wild and free! This beautiful couple was ready to have an elopement that spoke purely to their hearts and that is definitely what we did! Gavriela and Ed are self-proclaimed hippies and wanted to have their wedding ceremony during the symbolic winter solstice. Traditionally, the winter solstice is a time to celebrate connection. It symbolizes our connection to the sun, moon, and earth around us, so it felt appropriate for Gavriela and Ed to celebrate their connection to each other and their connection to this human experience by eloping during the winter solstice of 2021.

Winter Solstice Elopement in Knoxville, Tennessee

Their Unique Elopement

We wanted to capture their story beyond just the ceremony. Gavriela said to me, "We committed ourselves to each other a long time ago, I guess this is just making it official". So it felt important that we captured the story of their day. Each moment of their day was intentional and it was savored. From tea and biscuits at their breakfast counter, to dancing in the kitchen as the record player spun in the dining room.. The intimacy of them helping each other into their wedding clothes and capturing their new home in Knoxville that will house not only this sweet memory, but many more memories to come as they continue to write this chapter of their story together. It was all part of them and their day, and it was important.

Winter Solstice Elopement in Knoxville, Tennessee

The Intimate Moments

Following their ceremony at the courthouse, we were walking back to our car and stopped for a moment to reflect on what just happened (they got married!!) and Gavriela said to me, "Madi, you're the only one who knows this happened.." Ed chuckled as he said, "it's almost like, if a tree falls in the forest.. did it really fall" lol but then we reflected on just how brave and commendable it is to craft a wedding day that's perfect for them and I replied, "I think it's incredibly beautiful that you two had the courage to get married with nobody watching, it's much like the rest of your relationship, you've had the courage to commit your souls to each other and share your lives with each other while doing it just for you, nobody else". And we all just soaked that in and felt the bond that unified all of us in that special shared experience.

I never take it lightly when a couple invites me to capture and experience the intimacy of their love story, whether that's a big wedding day, an elopement day, or a couples session- it's an honor to be invited to witness the most intimate and sacred parts of their relationship.

Winter Solstice Elopement in Knoxville, Tennessee

The Perfect Elopement Location

Gavriela and Ed are new to Knoxville so they relied on me to choose the location for their elopement photos; their only criteria was "the more wild, the better". So we settled on a location that offered vast open fields, tall well-aged trees, and a cascading rock wall that the Tennessee River has carved its way through for hundreds of years. They had a celebratory picnic beneath the trees with their honorary guests Piggy & Bunny (their childhood plush toys that had grown with them in adulthood and as Gavriela put it, "just looked like they belonged together too".) And then they finished their day by running through the field giddy with laughter and excitement about all that had transpired that day and beaming with pride that they were brave enough to write this chapter in their story exactly how they wanted it to be written, and it was just for the two of them.

Winter Solstice Elopement in Knoxville, Tennessee

Kind Words

"We absolutely LOVE our photos! Thank you so much."

Knoxville Tennessee Elopement Photographer | Madison Paige Photography

This winter solstice elopement is a must see! Come see the rest below!

I would be so honored to be a part of your special and unique elopement! If you are looking to have your elopement in Knoxville, Tennessee and have it be perfect to you and your partner, then count me in! Fill out my contact form and let's start planning your day!

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