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Spring Elopement in Knoxville at Ijams Nature Center

Spring Elopement in Knoxville at Ijams Nature Center

This spring elopement was so much fun! Spring is just starting to bloom in Knoxville so the trees were all bright green and the air was cool and crisp as we hiked adventured around Ijams Nature Center for Christina and Adam’s elopement photos! Christina and Adam actually got legally married during the pandemic and never got the opportunity to really dress up and take photos together to commemorate the occasion!

Spring Elopement in Knoxville at Ijams Nature Center

Their Love And Relationship Is Undeniable

They’ve spent over 9 years together so capturing their love story and the many aspects of their relationship together was so much fun. They wanted photos that would show their true personality and the many facets of it- the side of their relationship that people see most often is the goofy and playful side- but they also wanted to capture their romantic side and the sweet moments between them.

Spring Elopement in Knoxville at Ijams Nature Center

It's Much More Than Just Putting On Fancy Clothes And A Pretty Location

It was about creating an experience for them and documenting the years of experiences they’ve shared already as well as the new memories in the making. It was really beautiful being able to walk them down memory lane as they laughed about their first date story together (there were some discrepancies in the timeline of events since it happened 9 years ago lol) and then watching them recall the moments that made them fall in love with each other, and finally taking moments to gaze off into the future envisioning the life that they’re creating together.

With these sessions, it isn’t just about capturing beautiful images, it’s about creating an emotional connection to the moments that we’re crafting so that when you look back at the photos, you’ll have a connection to the feeling in the image. My goal is that you’ll remember the sweet nothings whispered in each others’ ears, and the way the sun glows on your partner's skin, and the way their hand squeezed yours as you told them just how much you love them.

Capturing the small details and emotions is really what makes these images more than a day of playing dress up; instead they become a beautiful representation of your feelings and your memories that can live on and that you’ll be able to re-visit over and over again each time you look back on your images.

Spring Elopement in Knoxville at Ijams Nature Center

Spring Elopement Day Details

One of the important details they wanted captured was actually Christina’s wedding ring- Adam had the ring custom designed with two diamonds that belonged to his late grandmother. It was such an incredibly sweet and unique expression of love! And Christina returned the favor by picking out and gifting Adam a luxury watch as an engagement gift, that he wore to the session as well!

These two really are so beautifully connected and deeply committed to each other and it was such an honor to get the opportunity to capture their story and give them the heirloom images they were looking for to commemorate their love story and pass on for generations to come!

Spring Elopement in Knoxville at Ijams Nature Center

Kind Words

"We got elopement photos done with Madi months after we actually eloped to commemorate the occasion since we didn't have a photographer the day of. Madi is very communicative and great to work with. She told us with the pandemic she began working full time as a photographer and we felt we were so lucky to have found her in searching the Knoxville area for photographers. She has many options for places to shoot in Knoxville and the Smokey Mountains where we were interested in getting our photos done. We liked Meads Quarry and Ross Marble Quarry in Knoxville and since they are about a 15 minute walk between the two she worked with us so we could get photos done in both areas during our session.

She is very sweet and easy to talk to and made the photo session very easygoing and comfortable. We are not people who get our photos done and she made the whole experience super comfortable and was able to get photos of a lot of really great and natural moments between the two of us!

After our session was done we were expecting a few weeks before we would see any of the photos from our session after she was able to review and edit them but she actually pulled together some highlight photos over the first few days which was super unexpected but so sweet and made us really excited to get to see the rest of the photos. She got us the rest of our photos in less than 3 weeks which is a totally reasonable timeframe. We have so many great options from our photos and the hardest part is trying to pick which ones to get to hang in our house!

Everything was really great and we really enjoyed having Madi as our photographer. We will definitely be working with her again in the future when we have our next reason to get photos done!"

Spring Elopement in Knoxville at Ijams Nature Center

Knoxville Elopement & Wedding Photographer | Madison Paige Photo

I would be so honored to be a part of your special and unique elopement! If you are looking to have your elopement in Tennessee and have it be perfect to you and your partner, then count me in! Fill out my contact form and let's start planning your day!


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