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Smoky Mountain Summer Engagement Session

Smoky Mountain Summer Engagement Session

Charley and Josh have a love that is absolutely contagious! Their giddy laughter and genuine joy to be wrapped in each other’s arms was just so much fun to capture! While planning their Smoky Mountain engagement session, I asked Charley and Josh what they wanted to remember about this chapter in their journey together and they said they wanted to remember just how much fun they have together! They plan on being able to show these pictures to their kids and grandkids so they can carry on their legacy of being loving, kind, and fun partners to each other. Knowing their story and love made capturing their engagement so special! Come see what bringing me along on your day looks like!

Smoky Mountain Summer Engagement Session

Your Engagement Means You Are Documenting The Legacy Of Your Love Story

Engagement sessions are so much more than just showing off your new ring (even though let’s be real- that’s pretty dang fun too!) but when it comes down to it, your engagement session is the first step in documenting the legacy of your love story. You and your partner are creating something beautiful and building a foundation for forever together and that deserves to be shown off. This chapter in your story is unique and beautiful, your love is still fresh and young. My hope is that you can always look back at these photos and be transported to a time where your love feels light, simple, and full of giddy joy! Just like these two were able to during their Smoky Mountain summer engagement session!

Smoky Mountain Summer Engagement Session

A Dreamy Summer Smoky Mountain Engagement In The Clouds

Charley and Josh’s Smoky Mountain engagement session started at a historic church nestled in Cades Cove where Charley could feel connected to her southern roots. Then we adventured off into the mountains where Charley and Josh laughed, danced, and frolicked their way through the mountains! One of the sweet details that we included in their session is capturing a necklace that Charley was wearing- earlier this year, Charley lost her grandmother and her Papaw gave Charley her grandmother’s necklace as an early wedding necklace. Charley was so happy to have that piece of her grandmother with her so we absolutely needed to document it! The evening ended as the sun set behind the mountains, a line of fog rolled in through the trees, and the moon rose up high above us. It was just one of those magical summer nights where everything just feels like it happened just for us.

Smoky Mountain Summer Engagement Session

Kind Words

"Oh my word these are AMAZING!!! Thank you SO much! I am just speechless, they are absolutely beautiful!! I will now be spending the next 3700 hours staring at them! Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful experience, we've bragged about you to just about everyone already!" - Charley + Josh

Smoky Mountain Summer Engagement Session

Let's Plan Your Smoky Mountain Engagement Next!

If you are thinking that you would love to have me capture & document your love, then let's do it! I would love to be a part of your engagement and special day next, especially at this amazing location! Fill out my contact form and let's start planning!

Smoky Mountain Engagement & Wedding Photographer | Madison Paige Photo

See more of this beautiful day with Charley & Josh below!


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