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Smoky Mountain Elopement in Cades Cove

Smoky Mountain Elopement in Cades Cove

Erica and Levi's Smoky Mountain elopement was filled with so much adventure! I had tons of fun working with them to create this experience for their elopement day and capture memories I'm 100% sure they will never forget! We chose Cades Cove because it always held a special place in Erica's heart as she grew up going there with her family. Then, once Erica and Levi started dating, she shared this special place with him; it was on that trip that they knew they would have to exchange their vows surrounded by the mountains of Cades Cove. And they sure did! Come check out the beauty that happened during their magical elopement!

Smoky Mountain Elopement in Cades Cove

What An Intimate Smoky Mountain Elopement Day Looks Like

Erica and Levi exchanged their vows surrounded by mountains in a quiet field that they had all to themselves. These moments were so tender and intimate, their words elicited laugher and tears from each other and the love that they expressed to each other echoed around them. They were absolutely bursting with affection towards each other.

After their ceremony in the mountains, we ventured further into Cades Cove and found a beautiful tree covered meadow. One thing that Erica and Levi wanted to showcase about their relationship is just how adventurous they are and how much fun they have when they're together. This trailhead was the perfect place to explore! Erica even spontaneously decided to hop into the creek with her dress on to catch a break from the summer heat! With a little bit of coaxing, Levi also rolled up his dress pants and hopped into the creek with Erica! We ended the evening with Erica and Levi running off into the sunset for one final moment to celebrate their Smoky Mountain Elopement!

Smoky Mountain Elopement in Cades Cove

Smoky Mountains National Park Elopement Photographer

One of my favorite parts about photographing elopements in the Smoky Mountains National Park is the connection that couples feel when they're surrounded by nature. Nature has this way of encouraging us to disconnect from any distractions and truly tune in to our surroundings. I feel that this creates the most beautiful atmosphere for an elopement. If you are on the fence about having your elopement in the mountains, take this as your sign that you definitely should do it!

Smoky Mountain Elopement in Cades Cove

Madison Paige Photo | Smoky Mountains Elopement & Wedding Photographer

Come check out the rest of this adventure and love filled blog below!

These two were SO much fun and I'm so happy I had the opportunity to create such a fun experience with them and capture all of the incredible memories from their elopement day that they'll be able to look back on for many many years to come! If you are ready to book your beautiful and adventure filled elopement next, fill out my contact form and let's do it! Can't wait to hear from you!


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