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Smoky Mountain Elopement At The Lodge At Brother Cove in Tennessee

Malerie and Mark’s Smoky Mountain elopement day at The Lodge At Brother Cove in Tennessee was the perfect balance between including their families in an intentional way and still having intimate moments for just the two of them. Their day started off with their wedding ceremony overlooking the mountains as their close family and friends watched with excitement. All of their guests were intentionally chosen to be there and very important to Malerie and Mark so we took time to capture each member who was there with them following the ceremony. It truly was so fun to be a part of! Come take a look at the magic we were able to create together!

You Won't Regret Having Your Smoky Mountain Elopement At The Lodge At Brother Cove in Sevierville, Tennessee!

I love this venue so much! There are so many great parts to it and it creates a perfect scenery for an adventure wedding day Malerie and Mark decided to have their elopement here because of the views and beautiful landscapes it provided! Honestly, one of the best parts about having your elopement at the Lodge at Brother’s Cove is that they have cabins on site that you and your guests can stay in! After the ceremony we went back to their cabin for a little celebration! Malerie and Mark cut their wedding cake and popped champagne for toasts from their family and friends who expressed the love and pride that they had for both of them.

A Perfect Ending To A Perfect Day!

Their whole Smoky Mountain elopement day was amazing! And their private sunset vows and bridal pictures were a dream come true. After a little celebrating with family and friends, it was time to sneak off with Malerie and Mark for their private sunset vows. Malerie and Mark’s private vows to each other were so incredibly sweet and powerful- all 3 of us had tears rolling down our faces (lol). It was such a beautiful moment to document just how much their love and union means to each other. After their vows, we took their bride and groom portraits, listened to music, and danced as the sun faded behind the mountains. Then, we capped off the night with a little visit to their fur baby to fill him in on all the exciting things his mom and dad had been up to that day! It was truly a perfect day!

All You Need Is 3 Hours And I Have You Covered!

You probably never would have known that these two only had me at their elopement day for only 3 hours of coverage. It was incredible! All we needed was 3 hours and we were able to create some serious magic! Can you believe it? If you are ready to create magic with me and be able to have it focus on your love then let's do it! We can figure out what one of my elopement packages work best for you so then we can capture every special moment! Fill out my contact form and we can make it official!

Smoky Mountain Elopement Photographer | Madison Paige Photo

Come see more of this beautiful elopement day with Malerie and Mark below!


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