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Meads Quarry Elopement in Knoxville, Tennessee

Meads Quarry Elopement in Knoxville, Tennessee

Krista and Christian decided to elope in Knoxville, Tennessee at Meads Quarry! You would have never known but on the day of their elopement, there was a hurricane blowing over Florida and through Carolina's leaving East Tennessee totally drenched in its passing!! It rained allllll day but that didn't get in the way of Krista and Christian having the time of their life celebrating their love with their closest friends and family. It was a beautifully intimate setting in the mountains of Meads Quarry and I was so honored to be a part of every moment. You could really feel the love seeping through every single moment of the elopement. Come see what it looks like when you say yes to eloping in Tennessee with me by your side as your Tennessee elopement photographer!

Meads Quarry Elopement in Knoxville, Tennessee

An Intentional & Intimate Elopement Day In Tennessee

Krista and Christian moved to Knoxville during the height of lockdowns in 2020 so they spent most of the time in their new city exploring the outdoors and became extremely fond of Meads Quarry and Ijams Nature Center! It was a place they would visit often, walking around the Quarry and talking about their dreams of the future, so it felt fitting that they would consummate their relationship in the very place that held so many special moments for them already. Everything about their elopement day was incredibly intentional- starting with their date! They chose 11:11 for the special magic that it holds- and that magic shined through on their elopement day!

The Beautiful Meads Quarry Elopement Experience with Krista & Christian

Meads Quarry is part of Knoxville’s “urban wilderness” and is located just 10 minutes from downtown Knoxville! Meads Quarry is a historic digging sight that provided many of the materials for the buildings still standing in Knoxville today! Now, Meads Quarry is used as a recreation site for hiking, biking, and even paddle boarding as it’s part of the Ijams Nature Center.

On the day of their elopement, there was a hurricane blowing over Florida and through the Carolina’s leaving East Tennessee totally drenched in it’s passing. So it rained hard allllll day. All the way up until the moment that we pulled into the Meads Quarry parking lot... The rain slowed down and eventually stopped right before their ceremony was scheduled to start! Talk about 11:11 magic!

Their ceremony was led by Krista’s aunt who got ordained just to join the two of them in their marriage. She created one of the most beautiful and meaningful ceremonies I’ve ever heard! Krista and Christian each read their own vows as their parents looked on with tear-filled eyes. And then their Officiant read letters from their loved ones as a way to “include” them in their elopement ceremony. If everyone wasn’t already crying- we sure were after that!

Meads Quarry Elopement in Knoxville, Tennessee

Choose To Elope In Knoxville, TN & Bring Me Along For The Ride!

I'm so honored I had the opportunity to capture all of the intimate and pure moments with these lovers. It makes me incredibly happy knowing that they'll be able to look back on these photos for many many years to come and remember all the special moments! If you are ready to book your beautiful and adventure-filled intimate elopement wedding in Tennessee next, fill out my contact form and let's do it! Can't wait to hear from you!

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Tennessee Elopement Photographer | Madison Paige Photo

See more of their intimate Tennessee elopement wedding day below!


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